Breslau - 30 Antonienstrasse, Zum Tempel Prayer Room

Summary: In Breslau, followers of the Haskala (the Jewish Enlightenment or Mendelssohn Movement), around same the time that they established the Gesellschaft der Brueder (Society of the Brothers), also opened their first prayer room, called Zum Tempel, at 30 Antonienstrasse. The small prayer room, established in a building which was later acquired by a real estate company, was inaugurated in 1796 (or possibly in 1802). The congregation was liberal and conducted services in German. When Breslau’s Liberal Jewish community started to grow, a new synagogue, called the Zum Weissen Storch (opened in 1829), was built, after which Orthodox Jews prayed at Zum Tempel. On Pogrom Night (November 1938), Nazis vandalized the Zum Tempel prayer room. They apparently overlooked the nameplate, Zum Tempel, affixed to the outside wall of the building, for it remained there until 1945.
Photo: The Storch synagogue in Breslau. Courtesy of: Ghetto Fighters House Photo Archive/Wiener library, 43333.
Author / Sources: Heidemarie Wawrzyn
Sources: AH, EJL, FJG, JWD
Located in: silesia