General information: First Jewish presence: mid-1400s; peak Jewish population: 92 in 1867; Jewish population in 1933: 17
Summary: The Jewish population of Ribnitz never exceeded 92, as municipal regulations made it quite difficult for Jews to thrive there. The Ribnitz authorities not only limited Jews to a narrow range of professions, but also restricted the districts in which they could conduct business. This small Jewish community conducted religious services in a private residence until 1830, when the authorities gave permission for the consecration of a Jewish cemetery and the purchase of a small, old, poorly constructed building for use as a synagogue. The synagogue was closed in 1935, by which point the congregation had dwindled significantly. Although only 10 Jews lived in Ribnitz in 1935, large anti-Jewish demonstrations took place in the town. On Pogrom Night, the abandoned synagogue was burned down and the cemetery was desecrated. The cemetery contains a small memorial plaque.
Author / Sources: Moshe Finkel
Sources: EJL, LJG, SIA