General information: First Jewish presence: 18th century; peak Jewish population: 90 in 1858; Jewish population in 1933: unknown (25 in 1937)
Summary: The Jewish community of Waldhilbersheim was established at some point during the 18th century. Later, in the 19th century, local Jews formed a joint community with the Jews of neighboring Heddesheim. Communal institutions included a small synagogue, a school for religious studies and a cemetery. In Waldhilbersheim, one official served as teacher, chazzan and shochet. In September 1910, the joint community inaugurated a new synagogue in Waldhilbersheim. The synagogue, a plain brick structure, was vandalized on November 10, 1938 (Pogrom Night), its ritual objects were stolen. Although the house of worship was subsequently sold, it has since then been declared a historical monument. According to Yad Vashem, seven Waldhilbersheim Jews perished during the years 1933 to 1945.
Author / Sources: Fred Gottlieb
Sources: AJ, LJG