General information: First Jewish presence: 1625; peak Jewish population: 118 in 1886; Jewish population in 1933: 57
Summary: The Jews of Grebenhain, Bermuthshain and Niedermoos were affiliated with the Jewish community of Crainfeld. The community consecrated a mikveh in 1780; a cemetery (outside of town) in the 19th century; a synagogue in 1842; a new mikveh (on Maerzwiesenweg) in 1879; and a new house of worship, at 13 Kreuzstrasse (formerly 3 Hauptstrasse), in 1885. In 1933, 57 Jews still lived in Crainfeld; eleven schoolchildren received religious instruction that year. Two Jewish associations� one for men, the other for women�were active in the community. Later, in 1936, when most Jews had left Crainfeld, no public services were conducted in the synagogue; ritual objects were transferred to Giessen, and the mikveh was pulled down. The community was dissolved in 1937. Nonetheless, on Pogrom Night, rioters broke doors and windows in the synagogue, destroying the interior; Jewish homes were also damaged that night. Twelve Jews emigrated, others relocated within Germany and one passed away in Crainfeld. By the end of 1938, no Jews lived there. At least 26 Jews from Crainfeld, one from Grebenhain and three from Bermuthshain perished in the Shoah. In 1951, the synagogue�s owner pulled the building down; today, the site accommodates several garages.
Author / Sources: Heike Zaun Goshen
Sources: AH, AJ, EJL
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