General information: First Jewish presence: approximately 1770; peak Jewish population: unknown; Jewish population in 1933: unknown
Summary: The Jews of Gescher conducted services in a rented room at 1 Armlandstrasse. The community was affiliated with that of Coesfeld from 1865 until 1912, after which it was associated with the community in Borken. In Gescher, a cemetery was consecrated in 1867 (on Suedlohner Damm). On Pogrom Night (November 10, 1938), rioters vandalized the prayer room and damaged Jewish-owned stores. At least 34 Gescher Jews perished in the Shoah. As of this writing, the building that once housed the prayer room serves as an apartment block and shop. We also know that the cemetery, which was heavily damaged during the Nazi period, was desecrated and nearly destroyed in 1988.
Author / Sources: Heidemarie Wawrzyn
Sources: FJG, HU, LJG, SIA