General information: First Jewish presence: 18th century; peak Jewish population: unknown; Jewish population in 1933: unknown
Summary: Records indicate that Jews settled in the village of Hoengen in the mid-18th century. Always small, the community numbered approximately 60 members in years 1850 to 1900. Although Hoengen Jews were able to maintain a prayer room on Juffergasse, they attended High Holiday services in the Langweiler synagogue until September 1926, when a synagogue—the building was made of light gray sandstone—was inaugurated in Hoengen at 38 Schillerstrasse. We also know that a shochet served the community. On Pogrom Night (November 9, 1938), several local residents participated in the desecration of the synagogue, after which the building was burned down. At least 27 Hoengen Jews were murdered in the Shoah. A memorial stone, unveiled in Hoengen in 1987, commemorates the destroyed synagogue.
Author / Sources: Heidemarie Wawrzyn
Sources: LJG, SIA, TS, YV