Leipzig - 4 Berliner Strasse, the Kolomea Synagogue

Summary: The Kolomea Synagogue, founded in 1904, was comprised mainly of middle class, Eastern European Jews whose families had originally immigrated to Leipzig from Poland. Samuel Krauthammer, the synagogue’s founder and benefactor, named it Kolomea after the city in Poland from which his family hailed. This Orthodox congregation initially met for prayers in a small house on Gerberstrasse and, later, in a house on Krauthammer, where services were held until 1931. That year, the congregation built a synagogue on Berliner Strasse with a seating capacity of approximately 100, making it the fourth-largest synagogue in Leipzig. The inauguration ceremony was attended by two other Orthodox rabbis from Leipzig: Rabbi Carlebach of the Brodyer Synagogue and Rabbi Feldman of the Ahavath Torah Synagogue. Nazis plundered the Kolomea Synagogue on Pogrom Night (November 1938); the building was later destroyed during a wartime bombing raid.
Author / Sources: Moshe Finkel
Located in: saxony